Karaagaç Mahallesi, Yeşilyaka, Büyükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye


Your life will be dripping with joy with the Göl

Complete with a parking area in the lower ground which does not split your garden and large corridors of your 301 m2 home where you can be a kid with your kids. The joy that steadily drips in your life will now be the Göl


Everything that is necessary for infinite happiness to grow in your home and to embrace your family with the greenery, water, fun and peace is at Yeşilyaka Su – the place where you will wake up with happiness every morning of your life!

The colors that give life to nature and add vigor to your life…

The green and blue brush strokes of nature will bring all the colors of joy and serenity to your life.

Not only a home, but also an unforgettable childhood…

The light in the eyes of your children will grow when they are in touch with Yeşilyaka Su’s nature, a place where having fun in the playgrounds will rise like the sun in your soul.

A blue peace that will touch your soul…

With a 22.000 m2 water area and a poetic pond view will be awaiting you when you come back to your home in the evening. Here, all your stress will turn to a great joy, and all your tiredness to peace.

Generations of trust, an all-season happiness…

472 villas are to be homes of happiness in an 625.383 m2 area… 157.282 m2 of green area where all families will find peace in each corner…


Starting from 4.062.000 TL





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