Atakent, 34000 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye


A future with boutique home style The award-winning mixed-use project of Atakent, which has brought a “new culture of lifestyle” to Istanbul, is now on its way with a second phase with focus on nature and green. A journey to happiness A future with the theme of a boutique home style. The award-winning mixed-use project of Atakent, which has brought a “new culture of lifestyle” to Istanbul, is now on its way with a second phase that puts the primary focus on nature and green. In Tema Istanbul Bahçe the largest living space has been allocated to nature with abundant greenery. The boutique-concepted-project is to be built next to Tema Istanbul on an area of 52.000 m². Tema Istanbul Bahçe is juxtaposed with Tema World which is to become the most extensive entertainment center in the city. This is the place where joy will fill up the garden, and the greenery will become one with the city. Our only wish is to increase happiness The foundations of boutique and horizontal architecture are being laid through these 10 blocks with the highest of 11 floors. Rare values have been unearthed in Tema Istanbul Bahce; with new friendships and traditional neighborhood relationships via 2 to 3 apartments per floor, a warm environment is blossoming. 363 apartments, 365 days of garden The regions outstanding project, Tema İstanbul Bahçe is comprised of 363 apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. 95% of the apartments in Tema Istanbul Bahçe have a splendid view of a garden or of a park, each of which has a wide balcony terrace or a garden terrace. If you choose to be in Tema Istanbul Bahçe, the scene out of your window will be portrayed with greenery and your home will be filled with tranquility. Arrive the garden by subway Tema Istanbul Bahce, which aims to offer the whole city a life full of greenery and entertainment, turns the transportation process into a means of comfort. Tema Istanbul Bahce, located closely to the “Tema Metro Station”, is a place of accessible tranquality. The horizontal architecture sheds joy to your nature With its architectural design having few storeys, the project brings a boutique lifestyle o its residents. Tema İstanbul Bahce provides a relaxing life with its boutique structure, enormous greenery, opportunities of having easy transportation troughout the city and access to great entertainment. Your childhood awaits you in your garden Do you remember those childhood days of yours, in which you were wandering in nature and stamping on grasses without any hesitation? Those days are coming back with Tema İstanbul Bahçe. While your children are enjoying the greenery, you will have the chance to recapture those fun days of your childhood.


Starting from 673.000 ₺


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