Mahmutbey Mahallesi, G Yoo, Taşocağı Yolu, Bağcılar/İstanbul, Türkiye


Culture; Starck ‘s passion and embrace the beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas of the past, today is born with the most amazing designs are born. The resulting result is a fascinating blend of impressive shares. The Culture palette, rich in richness and boldness, has a strong sense of history, but always looks to the future.

Nature palette is a special option for those who like clean air, blue sky, the smell of the rising sun, purity and simplicity. This style is inspired by the inhabitants’ longing and longing for nature. The colors and materials used are selected from delicate natural tones; pastel colors, sun and sea bleached wood with sand and gravel gray is composed of a soft green.

Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck is not only the most famous designer of our time, but also the most successful in terms of versatility.

Starck has created living spaces that leave traces with the vision of improving people’s lives through design, and even turned a modest daily use tool such as the lemon squeezer into a work of art.

Philippe Starck also designs houses, hotels and restaurants in the same way a director can shoot his movie. He develops a scenario that takes people out of the monotony of every day, and carries them to a creative and imaginary mental world. YOO inspired by Starck uses a wide range of skills to create unique, breathtaking and exciting living spaces.

Miami, London, Berlin. Mar Building, which brings together the YOO brand with the G concept, which is the most important metropolis in the world such as St. Petersburg, New York, Moscow, Paris, Buenos Ares, Hong Kong, Munich and Toronto; It brings.


Starting from 168.688 $


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