Gültepe Mahallesi, G Hub, Halkalı Caddesi, Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye


G HUB is situated in Sefaköy, one of the most energetic centers of Istanbul. Located literally on E5 with direct access to Metrobus and the Istanbul’s ever-growing subway network, G HUB proposes a living that is reachable from every point of the city. Also, its close proximity to TEM and connection to the 3rd Airport are impossible to overlook.

The European Side is the part of Istanbul where the majority of the population resides and where the business evolves. Being located at one of the most active districts of the European Side, G HUB’s location opens way to countless opportunities.

Academic popularity of the neighborhood is poised to attract companies predominantly deliver high level services based on information and technology as well as finance sectors.

G HUB is at the heart of transportation. Direct access to the subway network, Metrobus, E-5 and Atatürk Airport and close proximity to TEM and connection to the 3rd Airport enable it to be a perfect spot for everyone.

Your investment will gain value ‘in every aspect’. Are you ready to look at life from a different perspective? The dynamism of the university life, the amazing location and seamless integration of the shopping areas will attract the attention of investors.

All units in the project fuse with the dynamism of the university life, the enhanced neighborhood culture resonated by the offices and residences and transform into a functionally new living area.


Starting from 897.000 ₺



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