Hacıahmet Mahallesi, BENESTA BEYOĞLU, Kurtuluş Deresi Caddesi, Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Türkiye


This boutique project, consisting of a 9-storey single block on 7000 m2 land, has 20 commercial spaces that will bring together only 245 apartments, 15 offices and the tastes preferred in international cuisine. In BENESTA BEYOĞLU, where life will begin in September 2019, different types of options are offered: garden floor, roof duplex with terrace and simplex apartments.

BENESTA BEYOĞLU, where you can get 24/7 reception service, can be designed in line with your expectations and wishes with special glass choices, with a ceiling height of 3.15 m and wide glass facades extending from the ceiling to the floor.

BENESTA BEYOĞLU is located just 500 steps from Istiklal Street, which has been the center of attraction of Istanbul for hundreds of years with its magnificent structures, historical beauties, unique shopping options, cafes, entertainment life and colorful social life. is located at the actual meeting point of Istanbul.

Indoor swimming pool, fitness room, vitamin bar, games room, cinema room and a separate guest suite where you can host your guests.

If you wish you can rent easily with the MOVESTA APP, you can enjoy Istanbul with your bike if you wish. With the private chauffeur rental option, you can safely provide the transportation between your children’s home and school, or you can make a comfortable trip wherever you want.


Starting from 3.057.000 ₺


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