Oruçreis Mahallesi, Batışehir, Bağcılar/Esenler/İstanbul, Türkiye


The only city with everything right beside you

One does not have to think too much before investing in Batışehir – Batışehir offers you all. Everything you expect from a big city is right beside you in Batışehir, which is located at the heart of the city.

A big city for those with grand dreams…

Batışehir offers you a life where you will find all the comfort you need with 40 different flat options ranging from 1+0 to 5+1 duplex houses.

Directly take the TEM Highway rather than wasting time on connection roads.

Batışehir’s special entry to and exit from TEM Highway provides an easier access for anywhere. Batışehir is the preference of those who know about location’s importance.

We have attached great importance to greenery so that you immensely enjoy life.

A fascinating landscape awaits you at Batışehir. You can ride your bicycle on Batışehir’s bicycle tracks where water meets greenery or take a walk along decorative pools.

Water has a major place in Batışehir.

A life intertwined with water awaits you in Batışehir.

Water is a part of your life – any time you want

A spectacular water park with a reflecting pool. Adjacent are a fitness center, change rooms and a cafeteria.

Work off your energy on sports rather than roads.

Sports areas in Batışehir are favourite places for those who wish to let off steam of the day and lead a healthy life. There are also outdoor sports equipments, mini golf area, football, basketball and tennis courts, meditation and yoga areas in Batışehir.

Batışehir: a sustainable investment protecting the future

– Batışehir living in the open and green areas, plant breeding areas have to offer.
– We regulate the climate in Batışehir through the ecosystem formed the lagoon and reflecting pools.
– We save on greenery irrigation by choosing appropriate plants for landscape.
– We provide more green spaces thanks to the green roof pratice.
– We provide more green spaces and reduce air pollution to a minimum with the lowest number of outdoor parking lots.
– We have spared adequate place for walking trails and bicycle tracks.
– We aim to minimize CO2 emissions by encouraging Batışehir residents to use public transportation thanks to its location.
– We have designed buildings which do not block each other from receiving sunlight to ensure maximum use of light.
– We made sure that that Batışehir’s electricity system is supported by photovoltaic panels in common areas.
– We have planned to encourage Batışehir residents to raise birds in birdhouses and contribute to ecological balance.

Batışehir residents have unique places for morning walks or rest.

Both your soul, and your body relaxes with the lush walkways and bike trails in Batışehir.

Doğa Oxford Quality School, a leading institution for quality education, are also in Batışehir.

Doğa Oxford Quality School, one of the country’s leading institutions with its quality education services, prepare children in Batışehir for a bright future. Young kids in Batışehir enjoy education without going away from their homes.

Starting from 899.000 ₺



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