Riva Mahallesi, Antriva Evleri, Beykoz/İstanbul, Türkiye


The security department serves the residents of Antriva 24 hours a day. Safety control is provided at the highest level, including entry and exits to the site, thanks to shift controllable safety elements and access control points with license plate and face recognition system, site boundaries and camera control systems. Thanks to fire detection and alarm systems and emergency plans and drills, all possible scenarios are at the highest level.

All technical repair / maintenance needs of the residents of Antriva Houses can be met immediately by our technical teams on site. Many services such as plumbing, electricity, paint etc. are provided in the fastest and high quality way. Sauna, outdoor and indoor pool (heated), lifts in the villas, underfloor heating & combi boilers, air conditioners, parking doors, generators, fire systems and maintenance of water treatment plants and if necessary maintenance is carried out by our team. All services can be easily coordinated with the application software.

The Antriva Houses provide the plant care of all common areas with the gardens of the houses spread over 100 acres with the trained and experienced landscaping team within its structure. The inventory of all the plant flowers and special plants is kept regularly and all the services such as irrigation, planting, lawn mowing, fertilizing, spraying, pruning and weed collection are provided by our landscape team. The plant care of the marina land with the front of Riva stream belonging to the owners of the Antriva Houses is also carried out by our team.


4.000.000 TL


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